Our Expertise

DyOcean develops, from concept to production, cost effective technology products.

DyOcean CEO, Clay von Mueller, has recently been awarded patent US 9361617 B2, for Variable Length Encryption, used in credit card processing by Verifone and others. The original filing dates back to 2004, ..patents do take awhile. This encryption is the basis for NIST Special Publication 800-38G, Methods for Format-Preserving Encryption, used to protect your credit card number.

To date Mr. von Mueller has been awarded over 25 patents, relating to encryption, payment systems, handheld devices. New patents in the area of secure IoT are in process. If your interested in a IoT for marine startup, please send us an email:)

We also provide cutting edge low cost solutions in bio-metrics, encryption and secure magnetic card reading and writing, inductive charging systems, NFC, magstripe and bar code reader attachments for mobile devices along with Bluetooth® communications.

We developed the system, electronics, remote updating website and firmware for a bar code reading sled for Nexus 7. reading wallet ( https://sdgsystems.com/engineering-services/clients-and-projects/cassens-transport )

We developed the system, electronics, remote updating website and firmware for the iWallet fingerprint reading wallet ( iWalletUSA.com )

DyOcean developed and patented a novel card reading system that provides a secure low cost solution Magnetic Stripe Reader at the chip and module level.
DyOcean also provides intellectual property and patent development resources to help protect your IP investment.

More information email at cvm@DyOcean.com